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Important announcement:
starting November DtO will only be available during the first week of each month.
The shop will stay open for the ready to ship yarns the rest of the month.

Please note that all dyed to order yarns will be made just for you.
Depending on the length of the queue it can take up to 4 weeks until your yarn is ready to ship.
Most yarns ship within two weeks though.

You can now see the prices in different currencies. This is just for your convenience and not binding. Official currency is EUR.
The shop switches back to Euro for the payment


The following bases are in stock. Please refer to the dropdown menue in the listings to see the bases a colorway is available on:

Pure Merino (100% Merino 400m/437yards/100gr)
Merino Glitter 366 (Merino/silver Stellina 95/5 366m/400yards/100gr)
Cashmere Sock (Merino/Cashmere/Nylon 80/10/10 400m/437yards/100gr)
Merino/Silk 1-ply 400 (Merino/Silk 70/30 1-ply 400m/437yards/100gr)
Merino/Silk 1-ply 600 (Merino/Silk 70/30 1-ply 600m/656yards/100gr)
Merino/Bamboo/Silk 400 (Merino/natural Bamboo/Silk 65/20/15 400m/437yards/100gr)
Merino/Silk 400 (Merino/Silk 50/50 400m/437yards/100gr)
Merino/Silk 600 (Merino/Silk 50/50 600m/656yards/100gr)
Merino/Silk 800 (Merino/Silk 50/50 800m/875yards/100gr)

BFL/Silk 600 (Bluefaced Leicester/Silk 55/45 600m/656yards/100gr)
BFL/Silk 800 (Bluefaced Leicester/Silk 55/45 800m/875yards/100gr)

Pure Silk:
Silk 400 (Grade A Mulberry Silk 4-ply 400m/437yards/100gr)
Silk 1-ply 400 (Grade A Mulberry Silk 1-ply 400m/437yards/100gr)
Silk 600 (Grade A Mulberry Silk 2-ply 600m/656yards/100gr)
Silk 800 (Grade A Mulberry Silk 2-ply 800m/875yards/100gr)

Non wool silk blends:
Silk/Linen 400 (Silk/Linen 65/35 400m/437yards/100gr)
Silk/Linen 800 (Silk/Linen 65/35 800m/875yards/100gr)
Silk/Seacell 400 (Silk/Seacell 70/30 400m/437yards/100gr) This base is ecru colored. Colorways with "natural" will look slightly different
Silk/Seacell 800 (Silk/Seacell 70/30 800m/875yards/100gr) This base is ecru colored. Colorways with "natural" will look slightly different

Silk/Bamboo is only available as ready to ship at the moment.

Any dyed fiber has the potential to bleed. Be careful when you soak your knitted items (you wouldn´t wash a new red dress with a white shirt either)

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